Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/25/2011 Adapting

The original purpose of this was to raise awareness of FMS/CFS.  Here's the deal.  We are still in this.  Lately though my health has been BAD.  At times I have not been able to use my hands and my feet have been numb.  My arms have been too painful to raise even halfway.   Simple things such as showering, brushing my hair, brushing my teeth, eating is very painful if not impossible.  At times I couldn't type or even grasp a cup.  My doctor adjusted my meds, had me on steroids for a round which helped some and suspects MS as well.  She wants me to see a specialist.  At the moment I have an appointment next month but our insurance will be changing at the first of the year for the better so we many cancel and wait it out til then.  (there isn't much else they can do different if it is MS and they find lessions in the central nervous system of most long time CFS patients anyway)

This has also prompted us to consider a possible/probable change of plans.  Derek thinks and I agree that biking would probably be easier on me and safer, less stress on my joints and muscles, more miles covered in less time and the bike would pull more of the weight of the trailer.  It seemed that carrying the pack was what really did me in also and there are a few other reasons.  It just makes sense.  It would enable us to carry a few more things for my needs.  Also while we do intend to camp a LOT.  We have recognized the necessity to have the funds saved to be able to stay at hotels when my body demands the rest/down time.

THIS WILL HAPPEN!  It may turn into a ride for invisible illness period.  And it may ...I'm sure it will be slow going.  But this snail will show you that the snail can make it!  I will promise this, if I have subscribers to this from the United States I WILL at some point walk or ride my bike to say hello. ;)  My HOPE is to be able to make that promise to European friends as well someday.

I'm pretty down right now, physically and emotionally.  But we can't allow this beast to rob us of living.  Somehow we must adapt while we strive for a cure.  I'm TRYING, I'm trying..IT WILL HAPPEN.

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