Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011 A FAMILY AFFAIR????

Hey!  I'm excited!  Although I think he will need a LOT of encouragement to hold to this! lol Derek *said he wants to train with me and  use his vacation time to walk with me starting out next summer if our daughter Caitlyn wants to do it too. (Once school lets out)  I'm looking forward to getting in shape as a couple if not a family! :)  As well as seeing the country in this way.  It should be interesting.   He walked with me part of the way on my first training walk, but not all the way.  I went 5 miles while he went about half that.  So much to do to prepare when I WISH we could set out right now!

I should warn you...I'm a can count on LOTS of pictures.  In the top one I was trying to capture rainbows in the clouds but my pictures just don't do God's beauty justice.  The 2nd is Derek admiring a turtle in a small stream and last is, well..just road. lol 

Please help me keep Derek encouraged about this if not more excited! 

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